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The Journey (Single)

by Clutter

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released June 27, 2013



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Clutter Portugal

Clutter is a portugal based progressive/groove metal band lead by Gonçalo Crespo. After the release of an EP in 2012, Clutter are now writing new songs for their debut concept album "Obsidian" which will be released in January, 2015

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Track Name: The Journey
Now that you are gone
I know I'm ready to,
to leave all behind (to leave all behind now, fuck!)
the sun is set
and you're not coming back for us
I'm leaving all behind,
another second spent in senseless confusion

fall asleep
can you see? That this is the moment

I feel like I could fly
fly away from here
let us make the journey
please take me nowhere near
I wish that I could see
what's real in this world
Am I the only one living
In my empty home.

Come find yourself and face reality
always and never
I felt this energy, in perfect symmetry
in perfect symmetry, time has lost its meaning to me

I walk and walk
in an endless circle
Because I fucking hated that dramatic ending

There's not a road to follow
but a distant mirror and I remember my face
I wave my hand and make the world flourish
a naked woman in a sea of red
Freedom and solitude,
A nourishment too bittersweet for my taste
But I don't recall its flavour, so what do I know?

I walk this world alone
with a body made of stone
Life almost feels once more
like something worth fighting for
I'm back to the front
against the enemy
I grow weary of this hunt
for a fantasy inside a fantasy
Track Name: The Absent 2.0
A crystal tear in your face asking
What is real?
And how did it begin?
I can’t tell, where’s the end of the line,
In the life of a man?

Time spent in the absence of truth
Life’s gone in the blink of an eye!
You can no longer escape your fate
The magnificence of the fall
Is breathtaking and you can’t go on

A mere life spent in vain
Now hear them calling your name
You can’t break these bounds as they drag you down
No living creature will grow the strength to resist

I plug into my dreams
Becoming what I’ll never be
And in the stars I’ll start a war
Like you have never faced before
The tiredness will never end
Death’s just another beginning
This world will break us apart,
From lies, we’re carved in the dark

Help me find myself (We will bring the absent back to life)
Help me free myself

I wish I was born far away from this place
Do I belong here? Or am I just a beast, taken from the wilderness?

Help me find myself
Set me free

I see the years passing by
The clock ticks leaving a life behind
These lies taint my skin
I’m nowhere to be found

And this is where we fucking die!
There’s just no escape!
Life is just not enough anymore
There’s no reason why I should go on!

There’s no reason to carry on…